How to Carry a Gun while Mountain Biking

Dara Mounted Holster on a Bicycle!

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A comfortable, safe and secure way to carry your firearm while riding a bike! The patented Mounted Holster system with RAM tough-claw can be mounted ANYWHERE! This week, we mounted our Walther PPS M@ to a Diamondback Bicycle, who knows where we'll mount it next week!

Take a look:

The video above show how the tough-claw mounted holster is mounted to the bicycle. With the no-slip rubber lining the inside of the claw, this thing is going nowhere!

Here we are showing the stability of the Mounted holster while drawing our gun. As you can probably here, there is a nice audible click to let you know when the firearm is fully seated. The same Military grade rubber retention system, used on all Dara Holsters, is utilized under the trigger guard area. Allowing you to adjust the retention to your desired holding.

Pretty cool, huh?

To purchase a RAM Mounted Dara Holster, click here!


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