Wednesday, February 7, 2018

When to Buy a Custom Holster

When to Buy a Custom Holster

I see this question a lot: How do I know if I need to buy a Custom Holster?
Optic cut Light bearing IWB Holster
As customizing your Carry Gun becomes less a Hobby and more like a Competition, the demand for Custom Holsters is increasing. But what if your Firearm isn't as customized as those Agency Arms Glock 19s you see all over Instagram? What if you only have an Extended Magazine or a Light Attachment? Do you still need a Custom Holster?
The answer isn't necessarily simple, as there are many different reasons for buying a holster that is custom, made to order. Here are a few of those reasons...

Reasons to buy a Custom Holster:

  1. The Holster Company you've chosen does not offer a Quick Ship, in Stock Holster Option for your Firearm
  2. The Company does not offer an in-stock Left Handed Holster Option for your Carry Gun
  3. You have an Optic with Suppressor Height Sights and need an Optic cut Holster
  4. You have an Extended Mag Release, Slide Stop, etc.
  5. You have a Light/Laser Attachment on your Carry Gun
  6. You like your Concealed Carry Holster to sit a certain way, ie: crossdraw, small of back, etc.

If you modify your Gun, get a Modified Holster to fit Correctly

These are some of the more common reasons that concealed carriers and shooters buy Custom Kydex Holsters. The advantage of getting a Holster made to fit your exact Firearm- is that you'll have an absolute perfect fit, making the holster less likely to cause unnecessary wear on your Firearm. If you spend the money to modify your gun, spend the money to have a modified holster. It's worth it in the long run.
Custom Light bearing Optic cut Holster

A Holster Made Specifically for You = Carrying More Often.

Having a Custom Made Holster that sits exactly as you want it to sit will also result in you carrying the holster, and in turn, carrying your firearm more often. The drawer full of holsters is no joke- one size does not fit all. This is where custom made holsters come in handy- you're able to get exactly what you want, the first time you order.
Custom IWB Holster

Limited Range of Motion means Limited in-stock Options.

Concealed Carriers with preexisting injuries often get Custom Holsters made for them, as they know they have a certain range of motion in which they have to draw. Having a Custom Holster made for them that suits their needs allows them the freedom to carry comfortable, and gives them the confidence that they'll be able to draw successfully each time.
Another advantage of spending the money and waiting the lead time for a Custom Holster? You're more than likely supporting a small, American business. 
Custom Kydex Holsters

Friday, January 26, 2018

Walther PPQsc vs Walther PPS M2

Walther PPQsc vs Walther PPS M2
Walther PPQsc Holster
Walther PPQsc IWB Holster
Walther PPQsc IWB Holster

Walther PPQ Subcompact

The PPQ Sub-Compact features the signature Walther ergonomics plus the fantastic Quick Defense trigger, which has a 5.6 pound trigger pull and smooth audible resets. For maximum versatility, the PPQ SC comes with one 10 round magazine, and one 15 round magazine.
The included 15 round magazine has a grip extension sleeve that provides control and ergonomics similar to the full-size PPQ. This will increase accuracy downrange while offering the advantages of a versatile carry/training platform. The PPQ SC also features replaceable back straps in both small and large sizes. The overall length is 6.6” and has an empty magazine weight of 21.2 ounces.
The 9mm Luger barrel is 3.5” long and features polygonal rifling with 1:10” twist. The slide features front and rear serrations for easy manipulation and is outfitted with polymer 3 dot target sights. The rear sight is adjustable for windage. Like all PPQ’s the slide stop lever is ambidextrous and the magazine release button can easily change sides for left handed shooters. The PPQ SC is backed by Walther’s lifetime warranty and dedication to technical expertise.
The new PPQ Sub Compact will begin shipping immediately. There are also several accessories available for the new SC, a 10 round flush fitting magazine, a 10 round magazine with finger extension, and a 15 round sub-compact magazine with grip extension sleeve.
Order a Holster for the Walther PPQsc Today. Custom Options, as well as Quick Shipping Options Available!
PPQ Subcompact Holster
PPQsc Holster

15% off Mountable Vehicle Holsters

15% off RAM Mounted Vehicle Holsters

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Go see RAM Mounts at SHOT Show 2018 at booth 741. They've got a full display of our patented Mounted Holster Systems. 

Mounted Holster
Mounted Holsters

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Pre-Order Sig P365 Holster

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Details from Sig:

Introducing the game changing P365. Micro-compact everyday carry size with unprecedented 10+1 full-size capacity. The P365 is striker-fired, with the clean crisp trigger pull you expect from a SIG. Lightweight and easy to conceal, the P365 is chambered in 9mm and is rated for +P ammunition. Included standard is SIGLITE night sights, a 10-round flush fit magazine, and a 10-round extended magazine. An optional 12-round extended magazine allows you to bring the total capacity to 13 rounds. The new P365. Bring More. Everyday.
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