Tuesday, May 23, 2017

APLc Holster Options

APLc, Beretta APX holster, cz p-10c holster, xde holster

We have just added Holsters for the following new Firearms and Lights:
  • Beretta APX Holsters
  • CZ P-10c Holsters
  • CZ P-10c with Inforce APLc Holsters
  • FN 509 Holsters
  • Glock 17 with Inforce APL gen 3 Holsters
  • Glock 19 with Inforce APL gen 3 Holsters
  • Glock 19 with Inforce APLc Holsters
  • HK VP9sk Holsters
  • HK VP9 with Inforce APL gen 3 Holsters
  • Sig P320c with Inforce APL gen 3 Holsters
  • Sig P320c with Inforce APLc Holsters
  • Smith & Wesson M&P 4.25 with Inforce APL gen 3 Holsters
  • Springfield Armory XDe Holsters
Don't know where to find holsters for these new combinations? See below!

Click on CUSTOM HOLSTERS > Your preferred style holster > Light bearing
OR Chose from our list of Quick Links below:

Monday, May 15, 2017

CZ P-10C Holsters | Dara Holsters


Dara Holsters is now offering Holsters for the CZ P-10c! Any Custom Holster can be made for this new CZ pistol!

Quick Links:
Like all CZ pistols, the P-10 is built with our legendary cold hammer forged barrel. The ‘C’ in the name indicates that it is compact in both frame and slide size, and magazines are of the same family as the hammer-fired P-07, meaning the P-10 C holds 15+1 in 9mm in a flush-fitting mag with extended bases allowing 17+1.Take-down of the P-10 will be familiar to most fans of striker-fired guns, and even more pleasing will be holster compatibility with some of the most common guns on the market.

All Dara Holsters come with Adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention Systems, the highest Quality of Craftsmanship and a FULL Lifetime Warranty!

Friday, May 12, 2017

Holsters for the Inforce APL Compact (APLc)

Holsters for Glock 19 with APLc
Dara Holsters is now making Light bearing Holsters for the Inforce APL Compact. This light will be offered in combination with the Glock 19, 23 and 32.
All Custom Light Bearing Holsters will be available for this light.
For more information, visit our Custom Holster section.
IWB Holsters for the Inforce APL Compact.
Tuckable Holsterfor the Inforce APL Compact.
OWB Holsters for the Inforce APL Compact.
Modular Appendix Rig for the Inforce APL Compact.
AIWB Holster for the Inforce APL Compact.
Mounted Vehicle Holster for the APL Compact.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Holsters for Beretta APX, HK VP-9sk and XDe


Check out our new options:
  • Beretta APX
  • Heckler & Koch VP9-sk
  • Springfield Armory XDe
To order a holster for your new gun, click here! Find out why Industry Professionals are choosing Dara Holsters over everyone else.
Why Dara Holsters? Simple. We'll hand craft you an American made holster your way, using the highest quality materials money can buy. We've got the volume to purchase straight from the manufacturers, cutting out the middle man to bring you affordable custom holsters that you build to suit your needs.
Each Holster comes with adjustable retention, pre-coated in a shock absorbing thread weld and backed by a Lifetime Warranty.