Thursday, June 30, 2016

Inside the Waistband Holsters

Inside the Waistband Holsters

Pictured above is our standard Inside the Waistband Holster. It has all of the most common specs: Right handed, Black, Mid ride, straight draw and a 1.5" black belt clip. It is also made for one of our most commonly carried firearms-- the Glock 43.


This is the base mode holster for $53.99-- prices will go up according to color (up to $4.00 up-charge), belt attachment (soft loops are $11.99), and light attachment (ranging from $15-$30). We often gets asked why we charge extra for light or laser attachments, this is because not only does it take up a bit more material and hardware, but also because certain light/laser attachments can take hours to prepare when creating the mold.


Below are some of our Inside the Waistband holsters that accommodate our most popular light or laser attachments:

While we cannot possibly photograph every holster that gets sent out, we do try to provide a variety of pictures on our website for each type of light/laser combination.


Working in Customer Service I often get asked if our holsters have that "Kydex Click". The audible click that let's you know when your firearm is fully seated within the holster. The answer is: yes. BUT if you have a light or laser, you will most likely lose that click. This is due to the fact that in a non-light/laser bearing holster, most of the retention is held in the trigger guard. Without a light/laser, the trigger guard has a slight dip that catches the material of the holster causing the "click" once it passes over the front of the trigger guard and fully seats. See below:

On the Right, the holster without a light/laser has a dip where the trigger guard is. The front of the trigger guard passing through the dip to fully seat is what causes the click. On the left, you'll see the Glock 43 holster with a TLR-6 attachment where the holster is molded to accommodate the light. There is no dip in the trigger guard area, therefore no audible click.
Many customers equate "no click" to "no retention" however, this belief is false. Your holster will retain just as well without the click so long as it is made for the specific gun your are holstering and the adjustable retention is properly adjusted.


As you can see in the picture above and in many pictures on our website, some holsters have a varying number of retention screws. This is mainly due to the varying sizes of the pistols that the holsters are made for. Sometimes two holsters for the same firearm will have a different number of retention screws as well. The number of screws does not matter, the retention will be held the same. You cannot pick the amount of retention screws your holster will have.

Our holsters can be made in six different colors, as shown below. From Left to Right: Black, Black Carbon Fiber Texture (+$4.00), Coyote Brown (+$2.00), Coyote Brown Carbon Fiber Texture (+$4.00), OD Green (+$2.00), and Arctic Grey (+$4.00).

Since we use .093" Kydex and Boltaron, our color selection is limited. There are more colors readily available for thinner material holsters, however with a greater color selection comes a less sturdy holster that may not stand up to the beating that a thicker holster could withstand.

This selection on our order form is to help the customer AND the holster maker.

As you can see there are many different options for your draw hand. If you wear your holster on your strong-side hip, select Right hand or Left hand according to your dominant hand. If you wear your firearm in front of your hip (appendix) select your dominant hand appendix carry. Cross draw will be worn on the hip opposite your dominant hand. Small of Back (SOB) is behind your back.
Most people refer to carry positions much the same as the number on a clock. Hip carry for a right handed shooter is the 3 o'clock position, the small of back is the 6 o'clock position, and so on.


Small of back holsters can be made two different ways: Palm in draw or Palm out draw. See below:

We make both style IWB Holsters and have adjusted the draw hand and cant angles to suit each type of carry option. For Palm in draw you'll want a forward cant angle- tilting the grip up and forward towards your dominant hip for an easier draw. For Palm out draw you'll want a reverse cant, so the grip will be tilted towards your hand for easier access.


The appendix carry holster should be centered with the belly button, and adjusted right or left according to comfort and concealability. Our recommended ride height and cant angle for the AIWB Holster is mid ride with a straight draw-- this is the most CONCEALABLE way to carry at the appendix position. The most comfortable way to carry for anything larger than a shield/Glock 42 is high ride with a reverse cant angle. KEEP IN MIND: with every level of comfort, you lose a level of concealability.

Our AIWB Holsters have an added wedge to keep the grip of the gun tucked into the body.

Please note that the cant angle and/or ride height will vary slightly depending on the firearm size and make or model. The diagram was made using a Glock 19. The red lines illustrate the top of the belt in each ride height, and the black transparent block illustrates the belt at a mid ride (most common).

All IWB Holsters come with a sweat shield. The size will vary depending on the make/model of the firearm. All sweat shield are rounded so as not to pose a risk of getting caught in the trigger guard.

All custom holsters take around 4-5 weeks to complete. They can take longer for a number of reasons, such as light/laser attachments, the holster did not pass a QC check and possibly had to be re-made, or we are backed up.
The wait time is due 100% to order volume and the amount of custom options we offer. Since we provide every custom option you can think of, along with every firearm mold available, we often get very involved holsters that no other company can make. This means that while your order may be very simple and straight forward, we most likely have 35 other holsters from the same day that you ordered that are very complicated. So please be courteous and patient as we will not speed up the production process that could possibly result in a lesser quality product.
If you cannot wait the estimated lead time, please see our Quick Ship Holster and Sale Section.

Our holsters are not magical. If you cannot conceal your firearm inside your waistband without a holster, you won't be able to conceal it with extra material surrounding the gun, aka-- a holster. So please, put some thought into your selections and order a holster intended for a position that will best conceal your firearm. If you need help in choosing that position, see our blog post on How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Position.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

DARA Race Holsters

Race Holster for Glock 17 with Trijicon RMR, custom race holster, competition holster, idpa holster, uspsa holster, race shooting

The DARA Custom Race Holster is handcrafted from .125" Boltaron and fastened together using a combination of Melonite coated chrome Molly steel and black 316 INOX Stainless Steel hardware.

Race Holster for Glock 17 with Trijicon RMR, custom race holster, competition holster, idpa holster, uspsa holster, race shooting

When building your Race Holster from scratch, you can choose your slide coverage from 1" up to 2" in .25" increments. Not only that, you can also choose your own cant angle and ride height. You are sure to get a leg over the competition with all of the custom options to choose from.
The Race Holster shown here is for the Glock 17 with Trijicon RMR mounted to the slide. We got our slide milled out by Glockmeister. This holster is a mid ride, with a straight draw and 1" slide coverage.

The DARA Custom Race Holster can accommodate virtually any reflex sight. The unique design and custom features also accommodate most customized firearms. As long as the custom features are noted, the holster can be build for taller sights, extended slide releases, extended magazine releases, and even left handed mag releases.

The Holster can be made for both right and left handed shooters, and also comes with the option to add our adjustable cant magazine carriers. These magazine carriers are for outside the waistband carry only and can be adjusted to any cant angle up to 30° forward or reverse.

Race Holster for Glock 17 with Trijicon RMR, custom race holster, competition holster, idpa holster, uspsa holster, race shooting

 For more information, including a firearms drop down list, please visit our Custom Race Holster page at!

Want to trick out your Glock?

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Silly "Journalist" Who Bought a Gun to Prove Some Kind of Point

Helen Ubinas walked into a licensed gun dealership (lol) and bought a semi-automatic AR-15 type (lol) rifle in 7 minutes. Oh. My. GOODNESS. SEVEN MINUTES!

She describes the life altering moment as 'obscene' and 'horrifying'. If it took me only 7 minutes to buy my next rifle, I would probably feel the opposite.  But she, unlike myself, is a left wing gun control advocate that is horrified that some of us Americans can get a hold of a gun that easily.

Now I'm assuming she is an American citizen (as she successfully bought the rifle).

And I'm also assuming she is not a convicted felon (as she successfully bought the rifle).

Now, I understand what she was trying to do here. But honestly, it would have made a better point had she been a questionable character going in to buy a gun, not the ideal citizen. Now she is just a hypocrite. She's a left wing hypocrite (don't those words work well together?) who now owns a Military-style semi automatic assault rifle only made for mass murder. (edit: she apparently turned the gun into her local police department because she didn't want it and didn't want anyone else to have it.)

She also says, 

"If it wasn't so appallingly easy to get a gun in this country, it wouldn't be easy for the next gunman to deliver the kind of carnage that's as much a part of this country as the American flag."

Well that's not true, Miss Ubinas. Terrorists,  who don't have respect for the American law, are hell bent on carrying out their beliefs through violence and carnage, and will stop at nothing to deliver it. They will get their hands on the same type of guns through different means that are undetectable. 

Taking away the ability or hindering our ability to buy the same type of weapons they use  just makes it more difficult for us to defend ourselves from such attacks.

Senator Murphy forcing Congress to make Gun Control Decision

Senator Chris Murphy is trying to force Congress to make a decision on gun control, because of course, "Nobody needs to own a Military style assault weapon."

“Senate Democrats ended a nearly 15-hour filibuster early Thursday after Republican Party leaders reportedly agreed to allow votes on two proposed gun control measures,” reports.

“Sen. Chris Murphy, a Democrat from Connecticut, said that a compromise had been reached. Votes would be held on whether to ban people on the government’s terrorist watch list from obtaining gun licenses and whether to expand background checks to gun shows and internet sales, he added. ‘We did not have that commitment when we started today,’ Murphy said.”

While the gun shop owner interviewed is against the decision, Murphy has a priest on his side, (well-played Murphy, well-played) the priest seems to think that there is only one purpose for "those guns"-- mass killings.

Has anyone thought that maybe this is exactly what terrorists want? They buy guns legally for their attacks because they know that the first thing the government will propose is harsher gun control laws? If this theory is true, we're falling right into their trap!

What are your thoughts?

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

How to Carry a Gun while Mountain Biking

Dara Mounted Holster on a Bicycle!

Dara Holster Mounted to a Bicycle, gun mounted to bike, carrying gun while biking, carrying gun while mountain biking, carrying gun while riding bicycle, mounting gun to bicycle, mounting gun to bike


A comfortable, safe and secure way to carry your firearm while riding a bike! The patented Mounted Holster system with RAM tough-claw can be mounted ANYWHERE! This week, we mounted our Walther PPS M@ to a Diamondback Bicycle, who knows where we'll mount it next week!

Take a look:

The video above show how the tough-claw mounted holster is mounted to the bicycle. With the no-slip rubber lining the inside of the claw, this thing is going nowhere!

Here we are showing the stability of the Mounted holster while drawing our gun. As you can probably here, there is a nice audible click to let you know when the firearm is fully seated. The same Military grade rubber retention system, used on all Dara Holsters, is utilized under the trigger guard area. Allowing you to adjust the retention to your desired holding.

Pretty cool, huh?

To purchase a RAM Mounted Dara Holster, click here!

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

How to Choose the Best Concealed Carry Position

The Best Way to Choose your Concealed Carry Position

I work in Customer Service for Dara Holsters and receive a TON of questions daily about what position I would recommend someone to carry. The thing is: there is no one size fits all position. It depends on the gun, your body type, what you wear, etc. So only you can decide where to carry. BUT hopefully this article will give you some good tips on deciding which position to carry at.

First things first, you need a firearm. If you already have a carry gun, great! If not, see this article where we give you some tips on choosing a great CCW.

Ok, so you've got your CCW in hand. Take the magazine out completely, make sure the gun is completely cleared and begin unloading the magazine. Check and check again that your firearm is cleared, insert the mag and now you're ready.

Since the 3-5 o'clock (7-9 o'clock for lefties!) is the most common carry position, let's start there. Stick your unloaded firearm inside your waistband at your strong side hip. First, try straight up and down, so that the slide is perpendicular to the floor. Walk around a bit, sit, bend over, etc. Play around with various cant angles by tilting the grip up and forward. You can also try different ride heights as well, by sliding the gun up or down 1/4"-1/2". 

After you have found what is comfortable to you, go check yourself out in the mirror. Does the gun print? If yes, then try something else. If it prints a little bit, the printing will only get worse with a holster, even if just slightly. If it doesn't print and it's comfortable to carry- you've found your position!

Here is my 3 o'clock try out with a KelTec PF9:

Best Position for CCW, how to conceal carry, most comfortable ccw position, best position for holster, how to ccw, ccw tips, how to determine best carry position

The gun was pretty comfortable in the 3 o'clock position, but as you can see it just prints way too much. I'm about 5'4' and have a very small waist, so the grip is and always has been my enemy. I could counter that with a heavily forward canted holster, but for the article's sake I'm going to continue my journey.

Here is my AIWB try out:

I usually carry at the appendix position (11-1 o'clock) so I knew that this position would work well for me. I sometimes have issues when I wear a very thin shirt coupled with a thick belt, so when I do appendix carry I have to be conscience of what combination I'm putting together. I will wear a thinner belt or more structured shirt when I appendix carry. I also cannot conceal a full size pistol at the appendix easily unless I wear certain clothing. I can conceal the following very easily:
  • Glock 42,43
  • S&W Shield
  • KelTec PF9
  • KelTec P3AT
  • Kahr CW380
  • Walther PPS, PPS M2
  • XDS 3.3 in .45
  • Phoenix HP22
  • Taurus TCP
Now I may be forgetting some, but out of all my guns I know that I can easily conceal those, so that is what I stick to. I don't try to go for super high capacity unless it's Winter time and I can wear a sweater or jacket to cover up.

Also of note: I wore a very thin shirt and tight jeans for these pictures. I did this on purpose so that any women (or men reading on behalf of their women) would be able to see that you can conceal a firearm without changing your style. I strongly encourage all women to take full advantage of exercising their Second Amendment rights. With everything going on in the last few years, I highly recommend being prepared to defend yourself and your children if you have them.

 My 6 o'clock try out:

Best Position for CCW, how to conceal carry, most comfortable ccw position, best position for holster, how to ccw, ccw tips, how to determine best carry position

I know many people are against carrying at the small of back. There have been horror stories about falling and becoming severely injured due to landing on the gun at the base of the spine and/or tail bone. I know the risk in carrying this way, but I'm also pretty confident in carrying a smaller firearm, as canted as this one will be, at the small of back with little risk.

As you can see above I have the most conceal-ability at 6 o'clock. The firearm is mid to low ride with a pretty heavy cant angle (about 22.5° FWD). Now all I have to do is find a holster company that offers such a set up. Luckily, there are many custom holster companies that allow you to choose your own ride heights and cant angles. If you can't find the exact angles you are looking for, don't hesitate to call or e-mail to ask them. We even accept pictures, like the one above, and make the holster so that it will sit exactly as shown above.

If you have any questions specifically regarding this post or how to determine a cant angle or ride height, please leave a comment below. The image below may also be able to help:

If you are in the Raleigh, NC area and are interested in taking the CHL course, visit They offer CCW courses, Defensive Shooting Classes and additional training classes such as Presentation Techniques. The Courses are taught by an NC state attorney, a Firearms Expert and a Retired New York Police Officer.

The tank top I'm wearing is from Grunt Style.

Monday, June 13, 2016

Popular Gear for Range Time & Competitive Shooting

Most Popular in Action Sports Gear

Addidas Fast X High GTX Boot
Mr. Colin Noir uses these when he trains, they have an average of five out of five stars on Amazon.

PACT Shot Timer
This shot timer is used by many professionals to time shots and also provides you wish ballistics information like trajectory and hold offs for wind drifts.

Howard Leight by Honeywell R-01902 Impact Pro Electronic Shooting Earmuffs
Highest rated Ear Protection for Competitive Shooting by

Eye Protection for Shooting
Both of these are rated five stars by, both have different price points.

Range Bag and Backpack
Both bags come highly recommended from a number of shooters. I, personally, use the GPS Handgunner Backpack.
Ammo Storage
I HIGHLY recommend using these for ammo storage, they're tough, water proof and allow you to store ammo in a very organized way. They also stack together in various sizes.

Holsters & Mag Carriers
Our Action Sport Holster lines has risen to the top of the market in the last 5 years. Check out our Competitive Shooting Packages below!

Friday, June 10, 2016

EDC Must Haves for the Beginner Survivalist

The word 'Prepper' seems to carry a slightly unfavorable connotation nowadays. If you label yourself as a prepper, people might take that as a self proclamation of insanity, all the while you're smugly saying to yourself, "Don't be callin' me when SHTF". There's nothing wrong with being a survivalist, or being prepared for everything. Just don't go overboard stocking hundreds of pounds of food that expires in 6 months. Instead, get items that are small but useful and keep them readily available to you. No one is stopping you from building an underground bunker in your backyard, but if you're going to be prepared for everything, you should have a stash of gear kept in your car.

I've made a list of some of my favorite items that I carry in my Jeep at all times, if not on me. Please note that some of these are affiliate links. This means that they are links to amazon that contain information about my website to tell them where your click came from. If anything is purchased from these links I get a small fee, usually around 4%.

I have small kids, so I always have some sort of medic kit on me. Whether its wipes, alcohol spray and band-aids or my full-on suture kit, I always have something.

These are products that I recommend:

I love camping gear. I take my portable stove with me everywhere and find any excuse to use it. Here's the basics:

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping


prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

Toolboxes that are awesome and I can't recommend enough for ammo and other small items:

I have 4 of these for all of my ammo:
prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

prepper gear, survivalist gear, edc gear, multi tools, toolboxes, tents, camping, medic, medical kits, survivalist gear, prepping

This concludes my short list. I'm not necessarily a prepper, but I do like to be prepared for things. I more than likely left out some items, so feel free to leave anything that you recommend in the comments section.