Monday, November 13, 2017

Solved: Holiday Gifts for Gun Guys

It's almost that time! Unless you've been living under a rock the last few days, you may have noticed a huge increase in foot traffic at all of your local retail spots. Holiday Shopping is now in full swing as Christmas approaches. This time of year is filled with excitement and anticipation, however, everyone has that one person in their family that is difficult to buy for. Whether it be a grumpy Uncle, a gun snob in-Law or someone who seems to already have everything he wants, we can help you out with your gun lovin' family member with the following tips:
If you're not sure exactly what the person is into, don't take a shot in the dark on a custom item. Stick with something that can be used in several applications or for several different products. For instance, if you know this person likes to go to the range, check out some of these items:
  1.  Range Bags like these.
  2.  Gun Cases like this one.
  3.  Ears & Eyes
  4.  Nylon AR Mag Pouches like these.
  5.  Gun Cleaning Kit.
I never really understood what my mother's negative opinion about Gift Cards was all about. I think Gift Cards are highly underrated and are one of the best gifts you can give someone. It allows them to get something they actually want- whether it be a pricey item that they couldn't splurge on or something that's been on their radar for sometime. 
Here are some great stores that gun guys tend to shop with:
  1.  Dara Holsters of course!
  2.  Midway USA
  3.  Cheaper than Dirt
  4.  Palmetto State Armory
  5.  Optics Planet
We're not talking sweater vests and scarves- we're talking badass t-shirts and hoodies for the gun lover. Our favorite pro-gun retailer? Grunt Style!
Check out our Favorite Shirts:
  1. Did You America Today? Hoodie
  2. Don't Tread On Me Shirt
  3. Protect, Respect, Destroy Shirt
  4. MOAB Shirt
  5. RED Rifle Flag Shirt
If you're dead set on a firearm-specific or caliber-specific product, don't be afraid to call the company that sells the product and ask questions. As most our products are custom or very specific to the model firearm, we get a lot of phone calls during the Holidays regarding product questions.
Most of the time, Customer Service agents are knowledgeable about the products they are selling and can tell you which products are most popular, or in the case of Custom Holsters- which specs are best for each use. We've even helped to identify firearms before. A wife knew that her husband wanted a new Custom Holster, but all she could tell us was that he had a Glock. We were able to determine from a screenshot of the guys Instagram picture which model he had, and set her up with an awesome Custom Holster for him!
The most useful gifts are not always expensive! If you're not sure what to get for someone who's into guns, you can't go wrong with ammo- or even an ammo can! I would stick with the basic pistol calibers. You can walk into any gun shop and tell the guy or gal at the counter that you want some good ammo for range us, hunting or self defense, and they should be able to help you out according to your budget!

Gift Ideas for Gun Guys

10 Gift Ideas for the Gun Guy

You can't go wrong with any of these gifts! Grab them before they're gone for good! Remember the 
deadline for shipping when buying online. The USPS recommends purchasing all gifts before 
December 10, to ensure delivery by Christmas!

Need additional ideas? Stay tuned for our 50 Gifts under $50. We'll feature all the best ideas for a 
great gift on budget. 

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

AIWB Holster + Wedge for Glock 19

AIWB Holster with Wedge

Introducing the NEW: AIWB Holster + Wedge for Glock 19Ships same day if ordered before 12 pm!

AIWB Holster with Wedge for the Glock 19
Also fits: Glock 23, Glock 32
Best suited for Right Handed Appendix Carry. Featuring an integrated Wedge to tuck the grip into the body, perfectly suited for the Appendix Position.
Our AIWB Holster comes with a full sweat-shield, covered mag release and trigger guard, as well as Adjustable Retention.
This quick ship appendix holster comes with a mid ride height and straight draw to give you the most concealability paired with optimum comfort. 
The wedge works with the belt to tuck the grip into the body. Shown above is the grip naturally pushed in using our integrated wedge. This is on a belt outside of the pants. Below is the wedge inside of the waistband:
Glock 19 AIWB Holster

Sunday, October 15, 2017

XDS Holsters on Sale!

Springfield XDS Quick Ship Holsters are currently on sale!
Grab one before they sell out again...
Blue XDS Holster
Above is our Blue Carbon Fiber Holster- this holster is Limited Edition and will not be available again!
Below is our 24 Hour Quick Ship XDS IWB Holster. Fits both 9mm and .45! This holster is ready to go and ships same business day!
XDS IWB Holster
Both Holsters come with Adjustable Retention and Lifetime Warranty! The Magazine Release is covered and will not be engaged when inside of the holster. The trigger guard is fully covered and unable to be accessed once holstered. Any questions? Call us! (919) 995-0680.
These holsters won't be on sale for long!

Psalms Apparel: T-Shirts for those serving God & Country

Right now we are spending the last few months of the summer and early fall, getting ready for the Holidays. Around this time we start thinking about new products that we'd like to bring out, Holidays sales and also which products we want to highlight from other companies.
In November we will come out with our Holiday Shopping Guide, showcasing our favorite products and gift ideas for different ages and genders. A lot of our gift ideas have started selling out after we make the post, so we're going to be doing it in increments this year!
One of our favorite new companies is a local T-Shirt Company called Psalms Apparel.
The company statement is simple, and one that probably resonates with alot of you:
In a world filled with fear and strife. When hope seems fleeting, and war inevitable. There is a peace that surpasses it all. A strength that rises above. A love that saves. Psalms Apparel is a company for those who know where true victory comes from. On the front lines overseas, in our own country, and in our own homes, victory comes from the Lord. He is the one who goes before us. So we fight with confidence. We stand in valor. We trust in God. 
The T-Shirts are all based on verses from the book of Psalm. With some designs branching out into other awesome stories from the Bible. See below:
Battle T-Shirt
Warrior T-Shirt
Samsons Riddle
We've gotten a lot of inquiries about the shirt above. This is the Samson's Riddle Shirt, it reads: "Out of the eater something to eat; out of the strong, something sweet."

Friday, October 13, 2017

M&P Shield Holster : Paddle Holster

Paddle Holster
Check out the Custom Kydex Paddle Holster for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield in Brown Leather Texture.
The Custom Paddle Holster here has a mid ride height and straight draw. Perfectly suited for carry at the hip. Now is the time to purchase a Custom OWB Holster, the current lead time is just about 8 days for any custom holster. As we near the Holidays the lead time will extend due to higher volume.
The Video above shows the color and texture of the holster quite nicely. It's the best mix of both worlds- the reliability and sturdiness of Kydex and the classic look of a leather holster.
Grab your Kydex Paddle Holster here for an easy on/off Outside the Waistband carry solution. Cooler weather is coming- which means daily carry is going to become easier and more comfortable under a jacket!
Shield Paddle Holster

Monday, September 25, 2017

Dara Holsters: AIWB Holster with Wedge

Our Custom Quick Ship AIWB Holster Update!
What is the main difference between our Custom AIWB Holster, and our Custom Quick Ship AIWB Holster?
The Custom AIWB Holster is able to be completely built from the ground up. You can choose from our full selection of 300+ firearm models and select everything from the ride height to the cant angle and so on. The est. wait time is about 2-2.5 weeks.
Our Custom Quick Ship Holster is available for quite a few firearms (not all) and is offered with a set ride height and cant angle (our most popular specs Mid Ride / Straight Draw) and in 3 different colors. You can still choose your belt attachment option, but it's essentially set up for the fastest manufacturing time to get the holster out faster than a regular Custom AIWB Holster order. The est. wait time is about 5 days.
And to confuse you even further, we do offer some Quick Ship AIWB Holsters! These are in stock ready to ship, with no options to choose from.
As for the Updates: our Custom Quick Ship AIWB Holster will now come with the Wedge Option to tuck the grip into the body. The Wedge is our own design, integrated into the mold of the holster during production. It is not an after market piece.
This is what the wedge looks like:
AIWB Holster with Wedge
This is without a wedge:
AIWB Holster with Wedge
The wedge is designed to push on the belt (which should be a sturdy, proper gun belt) and tuck the grip into the body.  Please note that there are some circumstances where the outer dimensions of the firearm will work against this. We will do our best to accommodate the various firearm models in this instance. However, please keep in mind that if you are very small framed carrier and have a very large carry gun, this will not magically make the firearm disappear.
AIWB Holster with Wedge
The Custom Quick Shipping AIWB Holster with Wedge comes with a full sweat shield (as shown above) and is set with a Mid Ride Height and Straight Draw.
As you can determine in the picture below, the top of the belt will sit at the exact point where the trigger guard meets the frame. This gives most carriers a sure grip, however if you have larger than normal hands, a Custom AIWB Holster with a high ride height may be more suitable.
AIWB Holster with Wedge

Monday, September 11, 2017

New to Guns and Concealed Carry: What do I look for in a Holster?

This is a very common question that many new carriers ask in the forums. 
The main things you need to successfully carry concealed are:
  1. A reliable firearm that you're comfortable shooting.
  2. A good sturdy gun belt with at least 2 layers of material.
  3. A safe, quality holster.
The above mentioned are all you need to successfully carry concealed (or open for that matter) and are not too hard to find. 
Good firearms to start out with are single stack 9mm's. They're easily found and numerous in quantity. You can't really go wrong with any of the most popular: Walther PPS, PPS M2, Glock 43, Shield 9mm, XDS 3.3, etc. 
Most of the time carriers will start out with a single stack 9mm and work their way up in size once they're confident they can conceal more capacity.
A good gunbelt is a bit trickier. Just because a belt has "Tactical" in it's name, does NOT mean it's a good gunbelt. There's nothing "tactical" about a single layer nylon belt. It is not stiff enough to hold your gun upright even while carrying inside the waistband. These belts (or single layer leather "gun belts") will cause the whole gun to tilt outwards causing your firearm to print. Even if you're carrying a $200 awesome holster. DO NOT buy into the "gun belts" that are single layer leather. These will do the same.
For an awesome Dual Layer Nylon Tactical Belt, we highly recommend our TacBelt.
Good Nylon Gun Belt
The Tacbelt is a dual layered nylon belt with a low profile buckle- perfect for carrying at the Appendix Position, on the hip IWB or Open Carrying. The belt is sturdy enough to carry your loaded Glock 19 daily without sagging.
Another great belt option is the Dual Layered Bullhide Gunbelt from the Beltman. There's a reason Beltman is #1 when it comes to gunbelts- he's the best. At 1.5" wide this belt will fit through any belt loops, is perfect as an everyday belt or dress belt, and the quality is second to none. 
Good Leather Gun Belt
Third on the list is a safe, quality holster. This can be found in many of the holsters sold by reputable companies. But here are the aspects of a holster that you need to look out for:
  • Sturdy material that won't sag or degrade overtime.
    • If you're going to go with leather, make sure the mouth of the holster- where your firearm goes in- is reinforced so it does not "wilt" over time. If the material becomes flimsy in this area, you may end up having a nasty negligent discharge and lose a butt cheek.
    • This is what is so great about Kydex- it stays the same year after year with no wear, no matter what the weather. Just don't leave it on the dashboard of your car in the heat. It's thermoform plastic and will lose it's shape if left in extreme heat.
  • Make sure the TRIGGER GUARD and the MAG RELEASE are covered. The last thing you want is that trigger being manipulated or the magazine to fall out. I will never understand why companies don't cover the mag release.
  • Also necessary- Adjustable Retention. Having a holster inside your waistband is NOT enough retention. I've seen guns fall out in Home Depot while someone was bending over to grab something. Not a good look.
For a great started IWB Holster, Try one of our Quick Ship Holsters.
Best Starter Holster for Concealed Carry
These holsters ship in about 5 days - or less if we have your firearm in our 24 hour holster section - and they can be returned for a FULL refund or exchanged for a custom holster if needed. These holsters come with the most common specs for IWB carry. You have 30 days to decide what you want in a holster.
If you take our advice, you won't need to spend any more money than necessary in the long run. All of the gear recommended above will last you years, if not decades.
Give us a call or leave a comment below for any other questions regarding Concealed Carry!

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Dara Holster Customer Review: Action Sport Holster for IDPA

dara holsters, kydex holsters, action sport holster, idpa holster, competition holster, uspsa holster, idpa gear, glock 34 holster, quick draw holster

dara holsters, kydex holsters, action sport holster, idpa holster, competition holster, uspsa holster, idpa gear, glock 34 holster, quick draw holster

The Dara Custom Action Sports Holsters is the top choice for a quick draw outside the waistband holster. With two different Ejection Port cut outs*, this holster is designed for the quickest draw possible while maintaining IDPA legality. Made with thick .093" Boltaron/Kydex and fastened using Melonite coated Stainless Steel hardware, our product is not only impervious to rust, it's built to last a lifetime. 

Have a light or laser attachment? Check out our Light bearing Action Sport Holster.

The Action Sport Holster is an Outside the Waistband Holster designed for the quickest draw possible, allowing for the fastest target acquisition. This holster is ideal for range time, IDPA, or other competitive shooting matches. Be sure to check out our OWB Mag Carriers as well.

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Glock gen 5 Holsters

Dara Holsters Glock 19 gen 5 Holster
Introducing the new gen 5 Glock... for both Glock 19 and Glock 17.
These newer generation Glocks feature a flared magwell design towards the bottom of the grip. The finger grooves in the grip have been done away with and a right side slide release make the gen 5's fully ambidextrous, while retaining the reversible mag release from previous generations.
Along with some internal upgrades, the gen 5's will also exclusively feature a "nDLC" finish- reportedly tougher than any of Glocks previous finishes. Great news for anyone planning on holstering this firearm!
Speaking of Holstering the gen 5 Glock 19 and Glock 17: Dara Holsters now offers Glock 19 and Glock 17 gen 5 Custom Holsters. These are designed to fit the new ambi-slide lock feature and won't wear down your slide lock over time due to unnecessary grinding.
For a deeper dive into the new firearms, check out this review by Guns America.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Concealed Carry Leggings for Women

Women's Concealed Carry Leggings

Why is it so hard to carry concealed as a woman? I'll tell you: we're built differently, we wear different things and there aren't many holsters designed specifically for women. Well, until now.

Women's Concealed Carry Shorts

These Concealed Carry Shorts are a must have for any woman! They can conceal up to a full sized M&P 2.0, and anything smaller. I've tried them with everything from a pencil skirt or dress to work out shorts and denim cut offs shown above, they never fail to conceal. The shorts are very elastic and tight fitting, to keep the gun close to the body.

Women's Conceal Carry Shorts

As you can see in the picture above, the shorts have a thick lining that serves as a holster. While there is no reinforced Kydex trigger guard protection, there is a retention strap (not shown in above picture, but shown in the denim cut offs picture) that holds the gun tight inside the pocket. The pocket is deep enough and large enough to accommodate a Kydex trigger guard type holster, if desired.

The Leggings are also a great choice with the same concept- the only difference being the dual carry options: appendix and behind the hip carry. The leggings come in two length options: 3/4 length and full length.

3/4 Length Concealed Carry Leggings
Full Length Concealed Carry Leggings
These leggings have the same retention strap and pocket design holster system as the shorts. They are awesome- I can't speak highly enough of these. Not only do they hold the gun secure enough to teach your toddler to do cartwheels and various yoga positions, but the leggings also hide/suck in any extra "fluff" you've got going on. They double as shapewear- so, bonus!

The leggings are also opaque enough to wear without a shirt to cover your bum. While they are meant to be tight, some leggings will start to shine or get a flesh colored tint when stretched out too much, these do not do that at all. They are very comfortable  to wear and the quality is great, no pilling of the material after 20+ washes.

Did I mention these are made in the USA?

CCW Leggings for Women