Thursday, June 16, 2016

Silly "Journalist" Who Bought a Gun to Prove Some Kind of Point

Helen Ubinas walked into a licensed gun dealership (lol) and bought a semi-automatic AR-15 type (lol) rifle in 7 minutes. Oh. My. GOODNESS. SEVEN MINUTES!

She describes the life altering moment as 'obscene' and 'horrifying'. If it took me only 7 minutes to buy my next rifle, I would probably feel the opposite.  But she, unlike myself, is a left wing gun control advocate that is horrified that some of us Americans can get a hold of a gun that easily.

Now I'm assuming she is an American citizen (as she successfully bought the rifle).

And I'm also assuming she is not a convicted felon (as she successfully bought the rifle).

Now, I understand what she was trying to do here. But honestly, it would have made a better point had she been a questionable character going in to buy a gun, not the ideal citizen. Now she is just a hypocrite. She's a left wing hypocrite (don't those words work well together?) who now owns a Military-style semi automatic assault rifle only made for mass murder. (edit: she apparently turned the gun into her local police department because she didn't want it and didn't want anyone else to have it.)

She also says, 

"If it wasn't so appallingly easy to get a gun in this country, it wouldn't be easy for the next gunman to deliver the kind of carnage that's as much a part of this country as the American flag."

Well that's not true, Miss Ubinas. Terrorists,  who don't have respect for the American law, are hell bent on carrying out their beliefs through violence and carnage, and will stop at nothing to deliver it. They will get their hands on the same type of guns through different means that are undetectable. 

Taking away the ability or hindering our ability to buy the same type of weapons they use  just makes it more difficult for us to defend ourselves from such attacks.


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  2. “I'm all in favor of keeping dangerous weapons out of the hands of fools. Let's start with typewriters.”
    ― Frank Lloyd Wright