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Walther PPS M2 Review

Review of the new Walther PPS M2 by Dana

Walther sent us their new PPS M2 pistol right around Christmas time last year. They sent us the gun specifically for holster making and we are not being paid by Walther to review this firearm.

Walther says the PPS M2 is 'everything we've been looking for in a compact handgun'. Let's find out if that's true...

“I have been really excited about the PPS M2 since the beginning of its development,” Walther Arms CEO Adam Blalock said. “The PPS Classic has been my every day carry gun for years.  It’s a great gun and the idea of improving on the original was challenging …  but our team has done it.  The engineering enhancements and modifications that create the new M2 truly elevate this pistol into a class of its own.”

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Upon opening the box, the first thing I noticed was that the grip and mag release are completely different. The Original Walther PPS has the ambidextrous European paddle style magazine release, while the newer PPS M2 has the American style push button magazine release on the left side that most shooters are familiar with. The grip is also much different: the PPS M2 has a much less aggressive grip texture. The newer model features that signature Carl Walther ergonomic grip.

The PPS M2 came with two magazines: one flush holding 6 rounds of 9mm, and an extended magazine holding 7 round of 9mm. There will be a .40 s&w version coming out as we near summer.

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As you can see above, the grip of the new PPS M2 has the same grip style as the Walther CCP and the PPQ M2. It's also slightly curved for a more comfortable grip when shooting. Another difference between the original PPS and the newer model is the removable back strap that is no longer available in the PPS M2.

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Other physical differences between the PPS M2 and the original PPS are noticeable are the added front slide serrations. Done in the distinctive Walther styling, these may or may not be considered an upgrade, depending on who you ask. Both the classic and the PPS M2 have the rear cocking serrations.

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As you can see above, Walther has added serrations and dropped the accessory rail. This has disappointed many Walther fans, I can't figure out any reason why they would consider this an upgrade, especially since more compact, concealed carrier-friendly lights and lasers are being introduced.

Moving on to the less noticeable differences, the new PPS M2 has a slightly wider frame than the original around the trigger guard. As you can see below, when they dropped the paddle style magazine release they widened up the frame just a bit and smoothed it out for a nicer grip.

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This brings us to the trigger pull. Walther has - hands down - the BEST striker fired pistol trigger on the market. It's my personal opinion, and they have not disappointed me with the new PPS M2. Walther states the trigger pull weight at 6.1 lbs, I came in at around an average of 6.8 lbs. Not a deal breaker for me. The original PPS I have came in at around a 6.1 lb average.

Here is the rest of the specs Walther has listed on their website:

The PPS M2:

The PPS:

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Other than the name, the PPS M2 also shares the same sights as the original PPS. Anything aftermarket meant for the original should fit the newer version no problem. The sights are low profile 3 dot metal sights meant for rapid aiming and target acquisition. The rear sight is adjustable on both the newer PPS M2 and the classic version. A law enforcement edition with phosphoric sights will also be available.

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In my opinion, this is not necessarily an upgrade from the original PPS- only because it feels like a completely new firearm. I really like the PPS M2, and I also like the original PPS. I can't decide which I like better, the original PPS is a classic.

Sometime soon we will be posting a video review comparing the most popular single stack 9mm handguns for concealed carry. We'll compare the PPS M2 to the original, the S&W Shield, the Springfield XDS 3.3", and the Glock 43. We'll go over what you get from the factory when you purchase each one, as well as trigger pull weights, after market add-on availability, and more.

Have a PPS M2? What do you think about it? Need a PPS M2 holster click here!

Dana Dara
Sales Director at Dara Holsters & Gear

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