Friday, August 22, 2014 Dara Holsters for Review

Here two of the four holsters given to for review. The holster on the left is a Level II Duty OWB for a Colt 1911 5" in our basic black kydex. The second is an OWB for a Glock 21.Recently we tested the endurance of our holsters by running one over with an F150. The holster held up perfectly, not to our surprise.

We often get asked 'Why not a leather or nylon holster?'

Unlike leather, Boltaron and Kydex will not decay, rot, dry out or absorb moisture.

The acids in natural and treated leather if left in contact with your equipment will cause corrosion. Nylon is weak in its ability to retain your weapon without the use of cumbersome retaining straps. This material is many times more durable, withstanding punishment that over time would destroy even the best nylon or leather gear.

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