Friday, July 17, 2015

Adjustable Cant Double Mag Carrier

     Since IDPA is becoming a more popular sport, we have decided to meet the demand for a double magazine carrier that not only holds your magazines like it should, but allows you to adjust the cant angles of the individual mag carrier. Introducing, the Adjustable Cant Double Mag Carrier by Dara Holsters.
     This double mag carrier was designed with the end user in mind. All that is needed to adjust the angles is a Philips head screwdriver. Simply back the screws out of the back of the mag plate, and adjust the mag carrier to the desired position. Insert the screws and tighten to lock it down.
     Unlike most adjustable cant holsters, the adjustability is set with individual holes instead of a single large slot. This may cause the adjustment to be more time consuming, however it does ensure that the screws cannot just back out and cause the mag carrier to flop around during a match.

     Both mag carriers can be adjusted 15° both forwards and backwards, allowing for a more comfortable draw position. The double mag carrier also features a newly designed mag carrier plate. This new plate contains a built in double belt loop system, offering more stability and less bulk. The plate is now being made to accommodate a 1.5" belt width, 1.75" belt width, and 2" belt width. The mag carriers can fit any magazine that money can buy- instead of a drop down menu to select your magazine make/model from, we allow you to type in the exact magazine. Therefore, we can guarantee a perfect fit every time.

     This adjustable cant double magazine carrier, paired with our Range Package, is the best bet in getting started with IDPA. We also offer a package that consists of one OWB Action Sport Holster, three single magazine carriers and our gun belts by The Belt Man. This package is our Action Sports Package. If you'd like a bit more flexibility, our Elite Action Sports Package offers three adjustable cant single mag carriers, along with the belt and Action Sport Holster.

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