Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Patent Pending Mounted Holster System using RAM Mounts

Patent Pending Mounted Holster System by Dara Holsters

The Ultimate Holster Mounting System: the rugged and reliable Dara Holster, coupled with America's leading Mounting Structures- RAM Mounts™.

For Immediate Release. Patent Pending.
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car holster, vehicle holster, truck holster
RAM® Mounted Dara Holster
Dara Holster Mounting System
      Introducing our new Patent Pending Mounted Holster System using RAM Mounts™. This Vehicle Mounted Holster is 100% made in the USA and securely fastened to the RAM Mount™ using Melonite and Zinc coated hardened steel hardware. Our rugged Kydex/Boltaron holsters, coupled with America's leading mounting structure, makes for the ultimate mounted self defense and protection system.
car holster, vehicle holster, truck holster
car holster, vehicle holster, truck holster

Retention Levels
     The new Dara Mounted Holster System is available in both Standard Retention and Level II Retention. Both Holsters will feature an Adjustable Military Grade Rubber Retention System. The adjustable retention system can be tightened or loosened to the desired holding using a Philips head screwdriver. The Standard Retention Holster will be available in two models: The RMR Cut Mounted Holster and the Standard Mounted Holster with full ejection port coverage.
      The second level of retention featured on the Level II Duty Mounted Holster is our ever reliable Thumb Throw Retention System. This system consists of a manually rotating hood, held in the upwards position by a molded detent. To draw the firearm, one needs to overcome the detent, similar to the tight operating safety of a an AR-15 variant rifle.

      The Mounted Holster System Packages will include the holster, the RAM Mount™ 1.0" High Impact Resistant Poly coated ball, the mounting hardware (Stainless Steel M6 bolt, nut, and washer), and the Customer's choice of RAM™ Receiving Mount. Three mounting option packages will be available for purchase: The Flat Surface Mount, the Suction Cup Mount, and the Tough-Claw™ Base Mount. The Tough-Claw™ Base can be mounted to rails with an outer diameter of 0.625"-1.5". This will be suitable for Motorcycle and Bicycle handlebars, the yoke of an aircraft, kayak rails, roll bars, ATV racks, and more.
      Additional Holsters with diamond mounting plate and 1.0" Poly coated ball will be available for purchase separate, as well as separate Mounting Systems. All Mounted Holsters are intended for the mounting system and will not be interchangeable with belt attachments.

Available Now
     The Standard, RMR Cut, and Duty Mounted Holster is now ready for purchase with the Flat Surface Mounting System. The other Mounting Systems mentioned below will be available for purchase to the public September 1st.

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Each Mounted Holster will be attached to this 1.0" poly coated ball with diamond base. Base Holster Packages will start at $74.99, with no mount included.
The Suction Cup Mount can be mounted to any non-porous flat surface, such as windshields, shower tiles, windows, office desks, etc. The most versatile of Mounting Systems, this offers a rugged temporary solution for security. This package includes the Base Holster and Suction Cup Mounting System. Package will start at $104.99. Mount can be bought separately for $24.99.
The Flat Surface Mount Package will start at $89.99, for both the Base Holster, Mount and mounting hardware. Mount can be purchased separately for $11.99.
The Tough-Claw™ Mounted Holster Package is the perfect solution for motorcyclists, bicyclists, kayakers, and ATV riders. This Mounting system can accommodate any bar or rail with an outer diameter of 0.625"-1.5" with a completely tool-less installation. The Tough-Claw™ Package will start at $119.99, with the mount sold separately for $41.99.
car holster, vehicle holster, truck holster
Level II Duty Mounted Holster using RAM Mounts™ $104.99
car holster, vehicle holster, truck holster
Standard Dara Mounted Holster using RAM Mounts $89.99
The Mounted Dara Holsters and Mounted Dara Holster Systems designs are patent pending.

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