Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Dara Holsters | Kydex Holsters

This week on social media we posted a ton of pictures. I always get asked for product names, descriptions and links. Below you'll find all the information needed to duplicate each Custom Kydex Holster!

Springfield XDS with Viridian C5L and ECR Holster, ecr holsters, ecr capable holster, c5l holster, xds holster, xds with c5l holster 

Here's the Custom IWB Holster for a Springfield XDS 3.3" in .45 with Viridian C5L with ECR capability. The ECR capable holster comes with a magnet that turns the laser on upon drawing your weapon. The holster shown here is a Left Handed Holster with a mid ride height and a straight draw (zero cant). 

Mounted Vehicle Holster by Dara Holsters, car holster, truck holster, vehicle holster, glock holster

Here we've got the RAM Mounted Vehicle Holster for a Glock 26/27/33. There are two types of mounts that can be purchased: The option above, which is the Flat Surface Mount (requires drilling) and the Tough-Claw, which clamps onto a railing.

The Ram Mounted Vehicle Holsters are a great option for carrying in the car. The Holster shown above is holding a Glock 33. The Mount is placed on the left, and though you can't see it, the holster has "Slight Wrap" as the muzzle coverage.

Sig P938 Holster and Mag Carrier, p938 holster, kydex holsters, ccw holster, sig sauer holster

Here is our Concealed Carry Package in Black Carbon Fiber. The Concealed Carry Package comes with a Kydex IWB Holster and an IWB Single Magazine Carrier. The package can be built for just about any firearm, and also for many light/laser attachments.

Kydex Appendix Holster for the Sig P938, aiwb holster, appendix carry, kydex aiwb holster

Here is my AIWB Holster for the Sig Sauer P938. The color is Natural Leather Texture, with a Black 1.5" J-Hook. My ride height is mid, and my cant is zero (straight draw). I am wearing a buckle-less bullhide gunbelt, perfect for carrying at the appendix. The lack of buckle really helps with concealment when carrying int his position. I have the Appendix Rig Holster Package, which consists of our Modular Appendix Rig and Buckle-less Belt.

rmr cut iwb holster, pistol red dot sight, red dot holster, iwb holster, kydex holsters, ccw holster

Here is our newest product- the RMR cut IWB Holster. This is our new Black Leather Texture, and the holster is a mid ride height with 7.5° forward cant angle.

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